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Welcome to Koi Fish Information.

My name is Adam Boyle and I’ve been an enthusiastic fish lover for as long as I can remember. I started Koi Fish Information as a free resource for others who wish to learn more about owning and caring for these beautiful fishes.

Here on my website you’ll find a number of resources to help you learn more about the Koi fish itself, how to identify healthy Koi to adopt, how to care for their health, what the most common health problems are, color variations, and much more.

I’ve put together a free step-by-step mini-course to help you get started quickly with raising healthy Koi fishes. It’s designed to quickly let you get a grasp of the tremendous variety of Koi fish, where to purchase Koi fish, how to determine if your Koi fish is healthy and socially adjusted, why quarantining is such a crucial thing for the survival of your Koi fishes, common quarantining mistakes, Koi nutrition and feeding tips, environmental needs, and much more.


In my FREE ‘Mini’ Course, You’ll Learn:


  • A clever identification system allowing you to easily keep Koi varieties apart…
  • The #1 Koi Selection tip to get that healthy fish you have always dreamt of
  • How to properly pick up a Koi without hurting its fragile body…
  • Exactly what things to look out for when searching for that ideal Koi
  • Why proper quarantining of new Koi is absolutely vital unless you want dead fishes floating around…
  • 4 top quarantining mistakes that could severely weaken your Koi’s health
  • The #1 pitfall when it comes to selecting commercial food for your Koi…
  • A great rule of thumb to ensure your Koi receives sufficient amounts of nutriments
  • 9 very effective yet simple Koi-feeding tips that will make you Koi-feeding like a pro …
  • 4 Simple steps you can take to maintain the nutrition quality of the koi food
  • An often overlooked feeding element that can stress out your Koi and make it vulnerable to various diseases…
  • This natural approach of removing algae, helping you maintain a natural balance for your Koi and plants
  • Much, much more!

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